Review – The Florist

The highly-anticipated opening of The Florist has been met with mixed reviews. A handful of hopefuls claim it’s ‘the ultimate girl’s night out’; a glittering destination for cocktails with stylish, upscale surroundings to match. On the other end, an acclaimed restaurant-goer confirms their meal was ‘the worst dish they’ve been served this year’. Somewhat confusing, given the gleaming praise of the former. Whatever your opinion … Continue reading Review – The Florist

Review – Nutmeg

Fancy an Indian with a twist this weekend? Fed up with the sloppy homemade chickpea fodder you keep telling yourself is as good as a takeaway? Look no further – do the sensible thing and book yourself a table at Nutmeg. Nestled within the quaint environs of Clifton Village, this sophisticated eatery pushes the boundaries of your typical Indian restaurant, flying the flag for all … Continue reading Review – Nutmeg

Review – Beets n’ Roots

A wannabe food photographer’s rainbow dream, a symphony of high vitality deliciousness and a wood-clad, upcycled, health-hub-hideaway: Beets n’ Roots a recent addition to Cotham Hill’s arsenal of cosy indie comforts will rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul with their texture-laden, nutrient-rich plates, freshly squeezed juices and all manner of invigorating plant-based elixirs. Offering all things nutritional with a capital N, Beets n’ Roots explores … Continue reading Review – Beets n’ Roots

Review – Baba Ganoush

Feeling uninspired by Whiteladies Road? Fancy swapping the familiar sights of the triangle for a different dining experience? If yes, then Easton is the answer. Unbeknownst to many, a quick train ride from Clifton Down will take you to this colourful neighbourhood, considered by some as ‘Bristol’s best-kept foodie secret’. Home to a variety of independent knock-outs, you’ll find the beloved Thali, stylish Scandi Dela, … Continue reading Review – Baba Ganoush

Review – Dela

Nestled in the heart of Easton, within earshot from St Marks Road, new stylish Scandi restaurant Dela awaits. Hidden inside an old Victorian warehouse, Dela marks the latest venture by food professionals Lara Lindsay and Mike Orme (who previously hosted events at Bristol’s prestigious Hart’s Bakery).  Dela, meaning ‘share’ in Swedish, focuses on communal eating, with beautifully presented sharing boards catered for meat-eaters and veggies … Continue reading Review – Dela

Review – Bertha’s Pizza

Pizza is enjoyed by the many, but only a few places do it true justice. Luckily in Bristol, we’re spoilt for choice. Until recently, I held a strong allegiance to Zero Degrees, a microbrewery with an eclectic and slightly bonkers range of wood-fired pizzas with the flavours to match. This, however, was before my encounter with the brilliant Bertha’s. Late last summer, Bertha’s Pizza claimed … Continue reading Review – Bertha’s Pizza