Bristol’s Greatest Falafel

Who serve the best falafel?

This is a question I’ve been asking myself (and embarrassingly been asked by others) ever since moving to Bristol.

An epidemic which is winning the hearts of veggies, vegans and meat-eaters alike, the endearing meat-free morsel is becoming a staple in many peoples’ diets, delighting the tastebuds with its deep-fried goodness. Here in Bristol you can relax knowing that you’re always in arms reach from nabbing a sample from one of the many Eatapittas (guilty), or chomping down on the good stuff in one of the many mezze eateries. Since I am a such a brazen fangirl of the falafel, I’ve compiled a list of places who have mastered the craft to utmost perfection.

Cafe Kino

Falafel goodness


You’re sure to get your fala-fill at Cafe Kino. Specialising in 100% vegan cuisine, this bright and airy space in the heart of Stokes Croft is home to the biggest falafels I’ve ever seen.

If you order the Kino Falafel, expect huge crunchy falafel balls served with kino salad, coleslaw, houmus, tahini and pitta bread. Filling, healthy and offering lots of flavour, this is not a meal to miss if you’re into your veggie food.

Falafel King


Falafel King

It’s almost criminal to talk about falafel without mentioning Falafel King. The original pioneers of the fried chickpea continue to stand their ground with tasty mezze treats with modest prices to match. This is where I fell in love with good veggie comfort food, and I’m always finding myself going back for more.

Falafel/halloumi pittas and laffas jam-packed with salads and sauces, more-ish mezze sharing plates and delightful pockets of shawarma heaven are some of the dishes you’ll find on the menu. Tuck into these treats down in their magical Kasbah, or get them wrapped up to takeaway!

Roll for the Soul


Roll for The Soul is a non-profit veggie café-cum-bike workshop-cum-event space. Good news is they’ve bossed it with their take on the falafel.You can find these crunchy falafels generously stuffed inside their Khobez wraps along with a whole load of humous, grated carrot, beetroot, shredded cabbage, fresh herbs and your choice of sauce served with a side of fresh salad garnish. These wraps are super filling, cruelty-free and made fresh using locally sourced ingredients – proving to be all round winners and a personal favourite of mine! If you haven’t done so already, I suggest you roll on down *wink* to this hip veggie joint for a proper good fala-fix.



In my opinion, Biblos is up there as one of the best independent eateries in all of Bristol. Not only for its falafel, but for the impressive variety of dishes, large portions, chilled out atmosphere and low prices.

Not too long ago I ordered the ‘Falafel Main’, and I was not disappointed. Served with vine leaves, hummus topped with pumpkin and sunflower seeds, seeded salad with pickled turnip, a tahini pot and toasted Khobez bread, these falafels were exceptional in size, crunch and flavour. They’re darker than your typical falafels and seasoned with fresh herbs and secret spices to make the fluffy centre a rich green colour. When dipped into hummus or drizzled with tahini, it bursts with flavour and leaves your taste buds tingling.

You can also try them as part of a mezze, wrap, salad or sharing platter – giving you a multitude of tasty ways to enjoy these balls of heaven. Conveniently located at the bottom of Cheltenham Road, Biblos is an perfect pit-stop for healthy, delicious fast-food!

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