Bristol’s Greatest Salad Boxes

Without meaning to sound dramatic, but outrageously priced salads bear the resemblance of a millennial monster. It’s an unnecessary and inevitable expense which fools the best of us. When you haven’t got the time to bring lunch with you, or you fancy eating light without over-spending, there seems to be little opportunity to find a healthy and cheap lunch on the go.

Fortunately, not all is lost! There are places out there, if you look hard enough, with good intentions to serve fresh and filling salads at low prices – without sacrificing taste or quality. Here’s a rundown on the places which do!

Sandwich Sandwich

Sandwich Sandwich

Though the sudden loss of their Queens Road residence hit loyal customers with a palpable pang of despair *raises hand*, you can still find SS serving jam-packed salad boxes on Baldwin Street or over in Cotham.

For me, what sells this place is the opportunity to absolutely ram your choice of salads into a soon-to-be overflowing box of goodness (small or large). Choose from meat, fish or cheese as a base (or go vegan and ask for a heap of humous), and shuffle down the line to their salad bar. Behold the colourful array of salads, a true feast for the eyes with bountiful amounts of pesto pasta, creamy potatoes, giant couscous, sun-dried tomatoes, artichokes, gherkins, beets and so.much.more. I’ve always left absolutely defeated by the amount I challenge myself to, but who cares when it’s delicious and healthy goodness?

Compared to the poor sight of a lack-lustre rocket and falafel salad you’ll find in Pret for £4, at Sandwich Sandwich you can masterly craft a hearty substantial salad with your own hands for the same price.

Eat a Pitta


Eat A Pitta 

Regardless of my penchant for the falafel and all its fried goodness, I can vouch for Eat a Pitta for its generous portions and modest value. They champion top-quality, healthy food with recipes originating from Lebanon and Algeria.

Over the years Eat a Pitta have mastered the art of cramming as much humous, falafel and salad as humanely possible into an airtight box, sometimes leaving it open to top it even more. A classic falafel box with all the sides is priced at £5.70, and their cheaper humous bowl is served with 3 falafels, spiced chickpeas, tabouleh and pitta for an impressive £4.

*You can now check them this September in their new Queens Road residence!*



Cafe-cum-florist Emmeline serve beautiful and, dare I say it, instagrammable salads over on Cheltenham Road. Within their leafy environs you’ll find health served straight in a box, with fresh creations made daily for you to discover with every visit. For £4.50, I enjoyed a generous portion of feta and pea salad with fresh carrot, sweetcorn, cucumber, red cabbage on a bed of rocket and leaves, gherkins, home-made humous and sourdough toast topped with pumpkin seeds. It tasted super fresh and was a little bit different from regular salad combinations.

A beautiful, light and open space with a warm welcome and delicious food made fresh to go, Emmeline is a new fav of mine and I can’t wait to try out what’s next on offer!



A recent find and an unbelievably good one – Beleaf are a salad delivery service creating lean, clean and super green boxes delivered straight to your door. All nine of their salads are made from locally-sourced ingredients, beautifully presented and bursting with complementing flavours.

I recently tried their Asian inspired summer salad and it’s absolutely delicious: Vermicelli Rice noodles, spinach, sugar snaps, cucumber, avocado with mixed coconut, broccoli, microgreens, spicy peppers and toasted soy and garlic peanuts. Another personal fav is the monstrous Beetroot box which is bursting with beets, bulgar wheat, asparagus, British new potatoes, micro greens, peashoots, rocket, spinach, blueberries, ribboned orange, vine tomatoes, pecans sprinkled with coconut seeds and finished with a French vinaigrette! * exhale*

You can take creative reign with over ten dressing options, along with the added option of chicken, smoked mackerel or falafel for an extra £1.20. Prices range from £4-5 but my advice is to purchase a Wriggle for the crazy good price of £3.75. For same day delivery you have to to order before 10am, but once you’re set up your lunch is sorted – and it’s never looked healthier!!


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