Is this the ultimate Veggie Burger?

FINALLY, after years of soggy mushrooms and bland bean patties, the world has recognised the veggie burger and all its creative possibilities. Here in Bristol, the veg burger has risen to culinary excellence, with more and more burger joints turning their hands to mastering the craft. Cafe Kino, Asado and Oowee all come close in the running for Bristol’s best but for me, this place trumps them all with what I can only describe as a meat-free masterpiece.

Burger Theory

These guys have upped the ante with FIVE veggie and vegan burgers you to choose from. These are the burgers veggies dream about and though they’re all wonderful with individual style and taste, it had to be said that ‘The Dirty Hippie’ is a flavour sensation: Tofu and quinoa patty with melted cheddar, halloumi, pink pickled onions and dirty burger sauce served in a toasted brioche bun. This is big, cheesy and oozing with endless flavour which leaves you floored (the dirty burger sauce is a star in its own right!). Burger Theory has restored my faith in the veggie burger, proving that you don’t need meat to make a mean burger. If you haven’t already paid a visit, catch them in their new shiny residence on St Stephens Street!

If you like the sound of Burger Theory, have a look at their menu:

  • Rory’s Best Ever Veggie Cheese Burger: Tofu and quinoa burger with melted cheddar, halloumi, sweet gherkins, mustard mayo and homemade ketchup
  • Fu-Chi… Tofu and quinoa burger, melted cheddar, chipotle mayo, kimchi, spring onion, pickled peppers, fresh chilies and sticky Korean chili sauce
  • Dirty Hippie… Tofu and quinoa burger with melted cheddar, halloumi, pink pickled onions and dirty burger sauce
  • Southern Hippie… Southern fried Portobello mushroom with halloumi, Franks hot sauce and cool blue cheese dressing or BBQ sauce (vegan option available)
  • Hey Tempeh… Marinated and fried tempeh (Indonesian fermented soy cake) pickled red onion and carrot, cucumber, mint, coriander, fresh chillies and satay peanut sauce





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