Big Juice @ St Nick’s

Smoothie & juice bars can be seen sprouting in any city, with offerings of cold-pressed greens slowly becoming as ubiquitous as cafes. Everyone enjoys a smoothie now and again, however most of these places seem to fall short of offering anything new or exciting, particularly when there’s no equally nutritious food to match. There is, however, a small place nestled in St Nicks which gives style, flavour and colour to the city’s green scene.

Contrary to its name, Big Juice is a modest space, specialising in raw food juicing. Though the loud array of signs, paired with mad scenes of blenders thrown from one corner to corner may seem overwhelming for a first-timer, Big Juice champions taste and produces the most delicious blends to be found in Bristol.

In addition to their popular veg juices, they whip up specialty ‘nut mylk’ drinks and oh do they taste good. These are simple homemade blends of fruit, nuts and coconut water. Though it sounds rather simple, these are high in natural protein, natural good fats and dairy-free – offering appealing and distinct flavours with every combination.

Though it’s hard to choose one, my favourite has to be the peanut butter and banana mylk: a delicious blend of almonds, cashews, peanut butter, coconut water, dates, vanilla and banana (priced at £3 for a small). Their raw cacao nut mylk is also top-notch: a mix of almonds, cashews, cacao, dates, cacao nibs, banana, coconut water and vanilla. Satisfying the sweet tooth without the use of harmful ingredients, this is a perfect guilt-free treat.

By mastering nutritional treats without sacrificing flavour, Big Juice win the juice game here in Bristol. They do warn you about their addictive quality and they’re right in doing so – whenever I’m close by I always find myself back at Big Juice, eagerly waiting for my peanut buttery drink of dreams.

it may look bland but this is the tastiest drink in the world

Overall: 4

Price: 3

Service: 4

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