Review – Pie Baby

Creative, delicious and filling vegan pies have arrived in Bristol!

  • Location: Small Bar pop-up
  • Cuisine: Kiwi Pies

Pie Baby are the newest addition to Bristol’s ever-growing collection of vegan food pop-ups. The brain-child of Kiwi food lovers Lara and Finn, Pie Baby have been spotted in and around the city at community markets, festivals and independent bars, serving their meat-free creations to curious customers. Last week, after hearing the news of a two-day stint at Small Bar, I scrapped my lunch plans and skipped down the road to check em out!

Pie Baby are different from your standard English pie. Aside from the obvious absence of meat and dairy, these are kiwi-style pies with a soft potato topping. All three on the menu were priced at £5, or £7.50 with a side of homemade coleslaw or garlic, herb or spicey fries. I opted for the El Fuego Bandida, a fiery Mexican chilli pie filled with kidney beans, black beans, corn, peppers and chipotle chilies. Perhaps hotter than I’d expected, (yet nevertheless delicious), it was definitely a smart move to go for the side of coleslaw! Though it wasn’t served with the tortilla chips specified on the menu, the soft and creamy potato was unquestionably delicious, and gave a unique twist on the typical stuffing and pastry duo.

El Fuego Bandida & coleslaw… nom nom

In comparison to my other recent pie discovery, the much-loved Lovett Pies, these guys unfortunately miss the mark in claiming Lord of the Pie status for me, (Lovett’s sweet potato and plum chutney maintains its supreme title). I was expecting a smaller pie priced at a considerably lower price – contrary to its name these pies are rather big! I shan’t complain too much about portions however, as it was certainly satisfying and filling too  – perhaps two smaller pies for the same price would’ve proved better suited to its name?

All size aside – Pie Baby proved undeniably tasty and marks a little victory for meat-free comfort food. Another worthy example of a vegan dish with great-tasting flavours and creative variety, Pie Baby are worthy of praise and are certainly ones to look out for.

  • Price: 3
  • Flavour: 4
  • Overall: 4

Check out their full menu:

  • Cheesy Rider: mac’n’cheese pie with creamy, secret recipe cheese sauce and garnished with onion rings
  • El Fuego Bandida: kidney beans, black beans, corn, peppers and chipotle chillies finished with tortilla chips
  • Stroganoff Molotov: mushroom pie finished with an extra topping of fried and seasoned mushrooms


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