Friska Launch Evening

Last week I was lucky enough to attend the launch event of the new Friska on Park Street.

Friska is a Californian inspired café founded in Bristol. Inspired by the variety, quality and hospitality over in the states, co-founders Griff Holland and Ed Brown decided to bring healthy fresh flavours and expert coffee back to Bristol.

Though a few features are akin to their previous Queens Road’s residence, the new space bears less of its previously rustic aesthetic, with bright lighting and modern touches.


The new veggie butternut curry was delicious and full of flavour. Though comfortably full, I happily scoffed a chocolate and honeycomb doughnut supplied from The Big Donut Co (followed by an even tastier creamy custard doughnut). These sweet treats easily beat the quality of Kaspa’s a few doors down, and sit closely behind the baked goods found at their neighbours Pinkmans Bakery.


You can expect more of their ‘feel good food’ on the new menu, featuring merguez sausage, polenta chicken and butternut halloumi Moroccan flatbreads.

Alongside top-notch coffee supplied by the prestigious Clifton Coffee Roasters, you can enjoy their classic lunches such as the Pho noodles, pulled pork burritos and grilled halloumi salad boxes.

Some may say the decision to move next door to award-winning Pinkmans is a risky and ambitious one, however Friska’s prices are appealing, and the variety equally as impressive. Quality coffee and breakfast dishes are reasonably priced whilst the inviting, upbeat atmosphere marks it high above the café chains seen around the area.


87 Park St, Bristol, BS1 5PJ

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