Mrs Potts Chocolate House Launch

Location: Park Street

I’ve been a self-confessed chocolate freak for as long as I can remember, so you can imagine how thrilled I was to attend the launch of Bristol’s first ever chocolate house.

Inspired by the chocolate cafes found in Australia, the focus at Mrs Potts is purely cocoa-based, serving a sweet assortment of chocolate drinks, cakes, pots, dips and more.

Australian couple Michael and Jennifer Potts decided to bring a contemporary take on traditional 17th century English chocolate houses to Park Street, an ideal location which was formerly the home of vintage tea room Tea Birds.

S’mores chocolate pot

I was lucky enough to sample everything on the menu – while battling a real sugar rush I truly was in chocolate heaven! Everything on the menu is prepared fresh daily, with chocolate supplied by Bristol’s Guilberts Chocolatiers.

The chocolate drinks, featuring a classic hot chocolate, chocolate chai, dark chocolate and roasted white chocolate, were presented unlike the standard large mug and marshmallows combo. These were small servings in minute mugs, which I think is a great idea as it leaves more room to try the food!

They also serve thick creamy milkshakes in small glasses, with options featuring vanilla, chocolate, toasted marshmallow, and cookies and cream. A whole host of sweet goods are also displayed on the luscious marble counter with mousses, madeleines, chocolate pots and tarts to name a few!

Toasted vanilla marshmallow milkshake

The chocolate dip for two are great fun, with the choice of thick and sugary marshmallows, strawberries, bananas and madeleines to dip into two pots of pure melted chocolate.

Proving impossible to pick a single favourite, the hazelnut tart, toasted marshmallow milkshake and s’mores chocolate pot stand out as my top-picks.

The only disappointment was the chocolate chai drink, which tasted a little bland and far less sweet than I’d hoped (Mrs Potts however personally recommend adding the sachet of sugar to the drink which was served alongside).

Chocolate mousse dome

There is currently no alcohol on the menu; however, I do think in future a flute of prosecco would be a perfect accompaniment to the chocolate dips!

I can see myself visiting Mrs Potts again, (though probably restraining myself to one or maybe two treats from the counter!). This is a cosy and central spot in Clifton, and the perfect place to satisfy your sweet tooth with friends and family.

Mr & Mrs Potts

Service: 5

Price: 3

Overall: 4

20 Park St, Bristol BS1 5JA

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