Lunchtime Cheap Eats

Spending my summer working in Bristol gave me too many opportunities to enjoy the city’s top-spots for delicious, filling lunches. Of course, a leisurely lunch out can set you back more than you’d like, so I made it my mission to find the best places with affordable prices to match. What follows is a list of finds which offer top-notch deals in and around the city, perfect for eating lunch out on the cheap.

Five Grains 

Five Grains is a small rustic cafe on Baldwin Street serving Lebanese street food. The savoury Manoushe is a pressed dough baked with fillings and flavours ranging from cheese, olives, thyhme, sumac, sesame and more, making it a top-spot for veggies and vegans (with lamb and beef fillings for the meatier of eaters).

To satisfy your sweet tooth, go for the sweet Maonoushe with spreads and fillings such as nutella, peanut butter, honey, hazelnuts almonds. Staying along the lines of healthy, they also whip up super-thick smoothies and juices, perfect for an added health-kick. Not only is Five Grains healthy and delicious but its also excellent value, with vegan savouries and sweet treats priced at £2.50, and meat and veggie dishes ranging from £3-3.50.

Covering both corners of tasty and cheap, Five Grains is a must for an international lunch on a shoe-string budget.



Matina over at St Nicks Market draws in hundreds of hungry customers every day, and there’s good reason why. Serving authentic Middle Eastern fast-food, you can wrap your hands around a colossal wrap made fresh from Kurdish naan bread, filled to the brim with veg, salad and your choice of halloumi, grilled veg, lamb kofta or chargrilled chicken.

Promising to be packed with flavour and large in size, these wraps are reasonably priced, with veggie wraps from £3.30 and meatier options from £4. Though you do have to be patient waiting, with most days boasting a 20 minute queue, the end result is always worth the wait!


Lovett Pies 

I can confess that I’ve never been a real fan of pies, but those were the days before I had my first Lovett Pie. Catering for both veggies, vegans and meat-eaters alike, this palace of pies offers ultimate comfort food, with mouth-watering fillings encased in the perfect pastry.

Meat-eaters can choose from five hearty pies ranging from lamb, beef, chicken and venison. Though I may be biased, the veggie pies really are phenomenal, particularly the sweet potato with goats cheese, squash, spinach, plum and chutney *mouth drools* (I can vouch that this pie won the heart of a committed carnivore, and actually prefers it to the meaty alternative!). These can be enjoyed hot and cold, and with prices starting from £4.50, this truly is a place serving the lunch of champions (you can also get em with a side on Wriggle for £4.50, making it an an absolute winner). I confess to eating two pies in the same evening, that’s how good these pies are!

Lovett Pies


Boulangerie is a lunchtime hit with students due to their bangin’ baguettes made quick and fresh from scratch. Here you can grab lunch for an impressive £1.90 (compare that to your Pret prices!). Fillings include bacon, fish fingers, brie & grape, falafel, roasted veggies and more. Along with speedy service and low prices, the cosy upstairs seating boasts views of Wills Memorial, proving to be a favourite central hideout for many, (myself included), and the ultimate go-to for a no-nonsense lunch.


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