Review – Kabala Kitchen

Kabala Kitchen (recently named ‘Planted’) is a recent find of mine, and a delicious one too. This humble pop-up stall was started sprouting their seeds earlier this year at Bristol’s food markets. Kabala have risen in popularity with their unique selling point -100% vegan comfort food. The home-grown menu changes with each weekly appearance, keeping it creative with their range of palatable meat-free dishes (barley risotto, caramelised onion & veg Ramen, and Pad Thai and to name a few!).

Kabala’s masterly crafted menu of vegan hotdogs won my heart and has harboured a loyal following. On my first visit, I went for their ‘Planted Dog’: a seitan sausage served in a soft granary roll, topped with onions, pickles and ketchup. This was far from the look and taste of the traditional frankfurter encased in a white bun. Though you are certainly reminded of its healthy origins, with the seitan sausage an obvious alternative to its meaty brethren, together with the granary which reminds you of the bread you run from as a kid, comfort is accompanied from generous lashings of sauce, pickles and onions.


A few weeks later I returned for their special ‘V Dog’, this time layered in caramelised onion hummus and topped with beetroot and carrot slaw, lime dressing, herbs and toasted seeds. This increased my appreciation twofold, this dog proving more creative, delicious and filling.


Last week I finally got my hands on their ‘Chilli Dog’ special: a seitan sausage covered in lentil and bean chili, tomatoes, spring onions and jalapeños – racked up to the nines with cashew sour cream and cashew-chipotle cheese sauce. Though the outpour of chili proved difficult to maintain inside the bun (this dish arguably a knife and fork job), the flavours were fresh, hot and certainly comforting.


Despite serving from a modest sized stall, each dish never fails to looked beautifully presented whilst proving practicable to eat too – a win win situation! Their range of plant-based creations are kept at slim prices too, with prices ranging from £4-6.

Taking the expectation of veganism as lacklustre, inaccessible, expensive and turning it on its head, Kabala successfully unify veganism with comfort. You can find them throughout the week at St Nicks Food Market, Harbourside Market or The Tobacco Factory. If you’re super eager like me, follow them on Facebook/Instagram for their latest updates 🙂

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